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Jemper Munoz Chavez is the principal owner of NICA Partners LLC, which does business under the name of NICA Painting & Remodeling.


During his first three years in Portland, Jemper, a native of Nicaragua, studied at Portland Community College to improve his English, then spent four years working for a local painting contractor.


Between jobs, Jemper and his friend Jose worked on a variety of projects for friends, neighbors and family members, who often recommended them to others. As more opportunities came their way, Jemper and Jose decided to start their own painting and remodeling business. With the encouragement and support of family and friends, they (along with Jemper's brother-in-law, Nicholas) formed NICA Partners LLC in the fall of 2016.

Currently, Jemper is joined by Nicholas, who helps manage the business as the RMI, and his fellow native Nicaraguan, Edward Davila Alfaro.

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